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Fashion Of Egypt

The Making Of Egyptian Clothing

Clothing Was Made By Hand ( else would they do it?) Peasant Women pulled The Flax and soaked the stems for several days to separate the fibers. After That material was pounded with stones or simple bone tools until fiber was soft enough to be straightened out into thread form. (sounds like a lot of work) They used a simple loom for weaving. The loom was made of two beams held in place by four pegs driven into the ground. Clothing was made from sheep wool, goat skins, and cow leather (That's My Favorite Clothing Material!) Woolen capes and simple coats were made for peasants during the cooler nights. Peasant women stretched skin between simple pegs and hammered into the ground, they scraped flesh off the skins, and dried them in the sun. (Well That's Just My Favorite Job!!!) The fibers were handy because they soaked up sweat but didn't trap dirt.

Pharohs & Priests

Pharaohs and Priests were considered the highest class in Ancient Egypt. Priests washed several times a day. They could not wear leather sandals or wool clothing because it was considered "un-clean" Priests wore a leopard robe when serving the god Amun. While priests were in churches they didn't wear a wig, because it was considered Rude or dis-respectful to the gods. Priests wore plain Long Robes during service (Sound Kinda Familiar???) Though Most of the time no shirt was worn, just a kilt.(umm...No That's Not To Familiar) Priests almost always wore leather sandals. Pharaohs On The Other hand were a whole different story. Pharaohs wore dual white and red crowns, as a symbol of the historic unification of upper and lower Egypt. As For Clothing They Wore Long gowns and a symbolic Bull's Tail Hanging From a belt.(umm...ok?) Also A symbolic cobra on the crown. Pharaohs carried a Shepard's staff as a symbol of their role as the guiders of the nation. Sometimes Wore Animal Skins, mostly for religious reasons. Pharaohs crowns were decorated With sequins and feathers from geese and ducks(Whats the deal with Pharaohs and animals?) There is a big difference between Pharaohs And Priests.(obviously!)

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Female Trends

Well I don't know about saying "trends" but they sure were fashionable.
In Egypt their were two types of women...peasants, and upper class or rich women! if you were a peasant in Ancient Egypt you would probably be wearing a simple white course linen dress, (yeah, i know...BORING!) But the Richer women on the other hand wore the finest and most expensive white linen clothing! Upper class dresses were quite different from peasants:
-nearly transparent and close fitting (Against School Dress Code)
-sleeveless (Against School Dress Code)
-2 straps over shoulders, went down to ankles (You Guessed It)
Wealthy Women would not have done well at our school.
They also wore long wigs (and by long they mean to your shoulders) collars, necklaces, and to complete the look, a pair of bracelets. Both men and women shaved their heads (wait for it) and wore wigs (there we go!) wigs were made with human hair and kept in place with bee's wax. Peasant women and servant girls wore wigs made of vegetable fibers. If you were to have a short wig it would have been made of small curls in overlapping horizontal lines. those who had longer wigs would have hung heavily from top of head to below the shoulders. Peasants wore unbleached linen.Wealthy women often wore beads with their outfits, the most commonly used bead color was turquoise!

The Male Species

Men Normally Wore close to the same outfits. Their Tunics went to their knees. The Men Who
Would be working outside usually wore short skirts. Most men wore their hair short and had no beards or mustaches. Men usually wore a long robe or sleeveless shirt. Some sort of a belt was worn too. The wealthy men wore pleated kilts, and the older men wore a longer kilt.

The Children Of The Nile

Children Didn't Wear A form of clothing. (I'm Glad I Didn't Live In Ancient Egypt) However During The colder months & important events Children wore wraps or robes. Young girls usually kept their hair in pigtails while boys had shaved heads, except for one braided lock worn to one side. Though normally only wealthy children did this, peasant children just wore wigs like the rest of the families. Poorer Families wore jewelry that was made of copper or faience.(even the children) Peasant children usually started wearing jewelry around the age of 7 or 8. For the richer families jewelry was made of gold, silver, or electron. Richer Children started wearing jewelry around the age of 4 or 5.(sometimes before they started wearing clothing!)

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Extra Facts

-Did you know that 80% of the 5 million people in Ancient Egypt were peasants.
-Both Men & Women wore blue and green eyeshadow, They Also wore kohl eyeliner.
-When weather was cooler cotton was worn.
-Shoes were generally not worn.
-When Sandals Were worn they were made of leather, woven together with 2 straps.
-Almost everyone could afford sandals
-Upper Class & Royalty decorated their sandals

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