Monday, December 15, 2008

Female Trends

Well I don't know about saying "trends" but they sure were fashionable.
In Egypt their were two types of women...peasants, and upper class or rich women! if you were a peasant in Ancient Egypt you would probably be wearing a simple white course linen dress, (yeah, i know...BORING!) But the Richer women on the other hand wore the finest and most expensive white linen clothing! Upper class dresses were quite different from peasants:
-nearly transparent and close fitting (Against School Dress Code)
-sleeveless (Against School Dress Code)
-2 straps over shoulders, went down to ankles (You Guessed It)
Wealthy Women would not have done well at our school.
They also wore long wigs (and by long they mean to your shoulders) collars, necklaces, and to complete the look, a pair of bracelets. Both men and women shaved their heads (wait for it) and wore wigs (there we go!) wigs were made with human hair and kept in place with bee's wax. Peasant women and servant girls wore wigs made of vegetable fibers. If you were to have a short wig it would have been made of small curls in overlapping horizontal lines. those who had longer wigs would have hung heavily from top of head to below the shoulders. Peasants wore unbleached linen.Wealthy women often wore beads with their outfits, the most commonly used bead color was turquoise!

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