Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pharohs & Priests

Pharaohs and Priests were considered the highest class in Ancient Egypt. Priests washed several times a day. They could not wear leather sandals or wool clothing because it was considered "un-clean" Priests wore a leopard robe when serving the god Amun. While priests were in churches they didn't wear a wig, because it was considered Rude or dis-respectful to the gods. Priests wore plain Long Robes during service (Sound Kinda Familiar???) Though Most of the time no shirt was worn, just a kilt.(umm...No That's Not To Familiar) Priests almost always wore leather sandals. Pharaohs On The Other hand were a whole different story. Pharaohs wore dual white and red crowns, as a symbol of the historic unification of upper and lower Egypt. As For Clothing They Wore Long gowns and a symbolic Bull's Tail Hanging From a belt.(umm...ok?) Also A symbolic cobra on the crown. Pharaohs carried a Shepard's staff as a symbol of their role as the guiders of the nation. Sometimes Wore Animal Skins, mostly for religious reasons. Pharaohs crowns were decorated With sequins and feathers from geese and ducks(Whats the deal with Pharaohs and animals?) There is a big difference between Pharaohs And Priests.(obviously!)

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