Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Making Of Egyptian Clothing

Clothing Was Made By Hand (duh...how else would they do it?) Peasant Women pulled The Flax and soaked the stems for several days to separate the fibers. After That material was pounded with stones or simple bone tools until fiber was soft enough to be straightened out into thread form. (sounds like a lot of work) They used a simple loom for weaving. The loom was made of two beams held in place by four pegs driven into the ground. Clothing was made from sheep wool, goat skins, and cow leather (That's My Favorite Clothing Material!) Woolen capes and simple coats were made for peasants during the cooler nights. Peasant women stretched skin between simple pegs and hammered into the ground, they scraped flesh off the skins, and dried them in the sun. (Well That's Just My Favorite Job!!!) The fibers were handy because they soaked up sweat but didn't trap dirt.

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